This was shortly after I chased him down the street and dragged him out of the rain…and then told him he smelled like fresh baked bread…(which he had just had for lunch)…Poor guy…I asked for a second pic just in case he wasn’t looking pretty enough in the first one! :) Webster Hall NYC 

Communion NY …THE RETURN! Great night of music and reconnecting with friends….so many of the ‘regulars’ were there. US folks…check your local ‘listings’…Communion may be coming to a city near you! The music was amazing as always! Willy Mason, RubbleBucket, Road Kill Ghost Choir, Emily King, (my fav of the night) and SOOOO many more! After party with DJ and the above Mr. Lovett!

OH MY LORDEEEE LORD! Guess who starts this off!

Read it!

Johnny’s open hearted Q/A! It’s wonderful to see how he’s really letting us see into his heart and mind! He’s holding nothing back!

Just a few of my photos from last night in Queens NY!

If you want to see more let me know  I am not the greatest photographer but I do try to capture moments that are special to me.

There were a lot of challenges with the venue BUT the most amazing part of it was them recognizing that as hard as they tried there were glitches and offered refunds to anyone who left disappointed or worse…were not able to get in!

My heart breaks for those who were not able to get in even though they had a ticket! HOWEVER! Word to the ‘wise’…plan to be there for the opening acts and chances are you’ll get in! Folks that waited to go ‘after work’ or thought they would skip the openers were the ones left out…:(

NYC NYC NYC! WHAT ARE YOU DOING Sept 23rd? Johnny in town and with the Wit!


New York Full Band Show Announced - 9/23

Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit will perform a one-off headline show in New York at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Monday 23rd September, one week before the release of ‘Country Mile’ (Pre-Order here:

Tickets are on sale this Wednesday (21st August) at 9am EST via the venue website:

I have a feeling that tickets will sell out FAST!

Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit — The Box - GotR Lewes Stopover — 20/07/13 (by Claire Sarsfield)

The Lewes Stopover 2013 with Mumford and Sons, Vampire We… (by VEVO)

Communion Shirts made by the amazing, talented Stefanie D. Ben was delighted and so proud to wear his…in fact so much so he posted this on his FB page…

My sister was listening to my 75 year old mom tell a story to one of her friends and it went something like this: “My daughter is friends with one of the boys from the Manfred Brothers. Oh, wait, I think they are called Manfurd Brothers or Sons. Anyway, the primary singer looks a lot like a young Jack (my dad). His name is Manfred Manfurd. No wait I know, Marcus Manfurd.”

Johnny accepting the award on behalf of 12th Night ‘folks’….  What’s On Stage!  Best Shakespearean Production awards at #WOSAwards!

Catsareforever posted: someone make a stupid johnny flynn valentine or I will be forced to take action.

So, here you go love!

Whoever said a picture paints 1000 words…never imagined a picture like this! More photos coming soon!